Positive Disintegration

by Fergus Ellington

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Less of an EP than a Triple Single, these 3 songs represent 3 points of equal significance, an eternal plait that runs through time and space. Each guitar track, and each vocal track, was done in one take. The songs have been months in the writing, dating mainly from early 2011, though all prior attempts at their recording were met with failure.


released January 3, 2012

Fergus Ellington: Electric Guitar, Vocals, Production, Artwork.



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Track Name: Design Classic
A design classic, many may imitate. Lines, some straight some broken; a symphony of closed and open, hard and soft: hard to differentiate. Smoke, steel, and all that lies between... fluid behind glass, vasodilatory, 21st Century punk rock apothecary; obliteratory morning routine.

So I'll make the short walk down to first call, "oh you'll get there so much faster, man, if you trust in God and fall", but it's a straight line, infinitely stretching out between our eyes... and it took me until now to realise.

So, don't talk, no do not talk too much. Because I want to believe in ideal design, want to make this danger benign, in my mind, because I need this crutch.

And we're treading a fine path, in between the lines of delicate prose, but the story unfolds and I can see now, it's not mine! But I can still remember... darkness ignited by a burning ember; our lungs expel a perfect Hell in half-perfect half-rhyme, well well well...

You were only a page in the old Guide to an Artificial Life of Vice, a switchblade made of melting ice, streets paved with sticky black gold. But the parts have all now moved (there was art in this artifice), and I'll try again to capture this, a point it seemed worthwhile to prove.

I've never known
No I've never known
I've never known what's good for me.
And time and again I've shown
Though the writing was cut into stone
I've never seen the wood for the trees.
Track Name: 1000 Paces
Well I was moving too fast, nervous breakdown on a Sunday. When I was stopped in my tracks, stared down from 1000 paces away.

Not sure but I think my mind's playing tricks; maybe I just made it up too quick, but the world's on fire and I'm the only one who seems to care.

Just give me something I can write a song about- well, that'll do. But if I put pen to paper and nothing comes out, well I guess I'll just have to hang round you some more.

Not sure but I think I'm losing my grip, maybe I'm just a snotty-nosed prick, but, Rome is burning and I'm the only one without a fiddle to play. And I don't know if this indignation is righteous, or even right at all... But I'm not a gambling man, so I'm in no position to say.
Track Name: Logic Problems
When you can separate the truth
From reality with ease
Your mind is opened wide up
And thoughts are swimming round your knees
And your waist;
And you stumble in your haste
To restore the equilibrium
Of value for value, trust for trust.
It broke the moment you let your lust
Take on logic problems.

And colours never looked so bright
And there's nothing beyond this night
My mind is made up,
And I just don't know what to do.
And though
The night was fun
Now the day is pointing at me like a loaded gun.
And I
Oh I've got nowhere
To run.