Hear It Coming

by Fergus Ellington

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Recorded in the summer of 2008, and unreleased in any form until 2012.


released August 3, 2008



all rights reserved
Track Name: Hear It Coming
Hear it coming?
It's coming for you;
Hear it coming?
It's coming for you.

Cos lately I've found that there's nothing around for me to do.
And lately I've found that I can't stand the sound of you...

I found a sound in my heart
And it burns like...
It burns like the Start.
Track Name: Country Road
Walk with me,
Down this old country road.

I've gained and lost
Everything that I've got
On these old country roads.
My friends;
No dead ends!
Only walls that we can climb,
And fences are nothing but lines.

I know.
I know you know.
Track Name: In The End We'll Be Equals
You're my heroine.
(but) You're my cyanide.
You're the lithium I should never have been prescribed.

And I can't say I never gave up everything for you
But I don't blame you for disregarding all that I lost for you.

And now there's nothing there to stop
The remnants of my shattered mind
I'm relapsing and collapsing in coffee shops
While you get wined and dined.
Track Name: Beauty and the Beast / Reflection
Well, I don't deserve no better but I won't accept no less;
I've made the best of a real-life Turing Test.
But watch your back, cos when I get my chance, I will take the rest.
I'll take what's mine.

And I've been plagued with nightmares of Beauty and the Beast,
"This banquet looks more like a famine than a feast"
But don't forget, cos I will get what I was promised, at least.
Track Name: Dehypnotized
I can look at myself through the bottom of a bottle,
And recoil at the look I can see in my eyes.
But it's only unconscious I remember the beauty...
Did you ever see a man getting dehypnotized?

Well, look into the Sun, from under the water;
Let go of your body, forget what it's done
Now free from the prison that we call reality
Perhaps you will see there is nowhere to run.