Forced Perspective

by Fergus Ellington

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released March 24, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Torture Garden
watch the sky at sunrise
from your secret torture garden
where the violence never stops

taken out of context
nothing gleams like broken splinters
of a life you never loved

close your eyes to the truth
or it will melt away your senses
it’s better not to know, I know

But climb down from your ivory tower
long ago now you abandoned
the cause that was your only hope

Just give me enough rope
And I’ll build you a hanging garden
a place to celebrate your crimes

Your sick sadistic lullabies
woven like branches through my mind
Track Name: Skeletal Pelican
Did I dodge that bullet?
perhaps I caught it in your teeth
dreamless and cold
we’re bought and sold
in restless droves which offer no relief

whisper kind lies in private
or write them down and sing them in a song
romantic spies
the ties that bind
don’t need to be right to prove you wrong

I can’t turn and look back
the sun is turning to black

just like a heart attack,

the night was gold and polished wood
the luxury of crushed street corner trash
A petit-bourgeois fantasy
of ghetto fabulosity
realised in twisted wire and ash

now everyone looks the same
there are no losers in this game
Track Name: Forced Perspective
in love with the concept
of self-defeating indifference
the moment is perfect
pure synthetic deliverance
an instant of weakness
played out over a thousand years
dramatic and sleepless
resounding boundaries break down into tears

where were you when we started shifting gears?
no compassion for those who jumped the ship
do I have to recall who keeps the crypt
sinking into the quicksand of your fears

you never believed me
and I never believed in you
repeat it to myself
god I wish I could make it true
no need to repair it
rather douse it in burning grease
need to make an example of this
entropy will continue to increase

where were you when we went to kill the beast?
when we called for you did you stay your tongue?
living off the resources of the young
like a cryogenically frozen cosmic priest