Are We Nearly There Yet? (Positive Disintegration part II)

by Fergus Ellington

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This is the continuation of the Positive Disintegration series. Influenced by Lana Del Ray, Steely Dan, PJ Harvey, H.P. Lovecraft, MF DOOM and Anna Calvi, this is another triple single, in the mould of the last release. A new guitar tone, and reverb, can be heard.

All the material is fairly new, dating from december 2011 at the earliest. Like the previous release, all recordings were one-take.


released January 30, 2012

Fergus Ellington: Electric Guitar, Vocals, Production, Artwork



all rights reserved
Track Name: Dream: 30th Jan 2012
the vision in my dreams is open wide
liquid pouring out of open eyes, skies
she asked me why'd I have to hide, when I kept so much inside
and I sighed
You know there isn't any
oxford english dictionary
definition for the thing we had
You know there isn't really
any real reason for me
to feel so fucking sad
Track Name: Drawing: to a close
he needed solace
from all the killing
he needed a mother
and your open arms were willing
and can you taste them
these wounded children
they march in unison
towards the battered gates
I wished to count my name
among their bloody number
but I got a sickness
that drove me into slumber
and when I awoke
I found I'd saved myself
and my cup did overfloweth
with pale golden wealth

and can you hear them
their broken anguished cries
as they fight the nightmares
flashing torture in their eyes
and did you count them
as they marched to your door in your dreams
or did you batten down the hatches at the seams
and can you taste it
a thousand burning suns
building up the horror that will tear you from your lungs

hide now in normality
hide in dull routine
cos there's no going back to the places that you've been
and though you loved them
your twisted bleeding sons
you've got to let the blood out before the bruising comes
and though I weep now
for the things I left undone
I know that there will come a day when we'll be dead and gone
and can you feel them
walking through your bones
they'll live forever in this fleshy rotting home
and are their eyelids
too broken now to close
weary of persistent vision, never drawing to a close
Track Name: Are We Nearly There Yet?
in the rear view mirror, I can see you clearer
though my windscreen's painted red
and in reverse gear, my ears can hear
all the words between the ones you said

It's a beautiful day
sun bakes the earth to hard red clay
and now it seems there's little more for us to say

Cry until it hurts, then cry till you can't feel it
that's the method I'd employ
travel sickness, unravel slickness, that'll fix this
it's something you've learned to enjoy

Are we nearly there yet?
Or have we overshot the mark?
Night falls, we exit in the dark